The crucial element of this implementation was to make sure the official branding - including its particular elements - will be also shown on the HUD itself. Our Design Team used all the materials and examples shared by AceX Team to prepare a brand new approach to the CSGO HUD - using trapezoid shapes and rectangular elements to emphasize the branding, color scheme, and crucial visuals.

Using the initial idea for the HUD’s shapes and elements our talented Design Team prepared special animations and actions to make sure even the small actions and events are comprehensive with the main idea.
Once the design has been finished and accepted we moved to the implementation phase. Once again using the great scalability and modularity of the LHM we’ve been able to quickly implement custom actions, shortcuts, and animations for the HUD - including great players comparison. Every custom action got its own shortcut and customization option. We’ve also used all the might of the LHM adding things like our own dedicated cameras system support, round history, and custom LHM radar.
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