Lexogrine HUD Manager


Our pledge is to use every single day to make the esports events organizing simpler. That is why we quickly recognized that there is no players’ cameras system to make sure you can easily add live feed from cameras to your HUD and stream. In fact, there was no system at all!

Online tournaments no longer have to compromise and give way to those conducted in large arenas. This is because your devices don't even have to be on the same network. You can simply connect to a device hundreds of miles away.
Our camera system is super easy to use and will save you a huge amount of setup time - both for organizers and for players - yet offers support for every game integrated with LHM. No excessively complicated and time-consuming production software configuration, no hardware issues. Connect the camera and define it with player in LHM. Launch the HUD and smile at the audience.
Cameras are configured through LHM and are used with browsers - players can easily choose the browser they prefer and proper camera feed. All you have to do is to configure the Cameras module in LHM and send a dedicated, auto-generated URL to players.
A module that relies on being online is open to getting into the wrong hands, and we know you don't want any uninvited faces at your tournament. You can generate the new URL anytime and even add the password to make sure only the right people will be able to open it!

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