Lexogrine HUD Manager

Cloud Storage

Store your HUDs and their configuration, spectator overlays, matches, tournaments, LHM settings, and more in the LHM Cloud with seamless synchronization between your devices. No more manual file transferring.

Lexogrine HUD Manager Cloud Storage redefined the esports tournament organization. For the first time you and your team can manage the whole tournament fully remotely! No more struggle with data transfer, lost files, or outdated info!
What is stored in LHM Cloud Storage:
LHM Cloud takes care of your data and securely saves every piece of information that is necessary for your tournament. Not only players, teams, and matches are automatically stored and synchronized, but also LHM HUDs, Overlays and Auto Replay Generator configurations.
Every HUD is accessible through the LHM Cloud. You can easily switch between workstations and devices and your spectator and observing HUDs will always be available.

Simply drag the HUD to LHM and LHM Cloud will take care of the upload. Players, teams, and matches are also automatically synchronized in the background so you no longer need to think about moving your files from one location to another.
Your tournament - with its players, teams, and matches is accessible through LHM Cloud on every device so you can easily configure the event at home and run it from the office. No more being stacked in one place!
Working with a team? LHM Cloud works perfectly with the Enterprise plan, so they can easily modify any part remotely from every place! You can decide who can access what and manage the events from multiple locations at the same time.

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