Rocket League

Rocket League is a classic example of an "easy to play, hard to master" game, which is why it stirs up so much excitement and gathers a lot of people for broadcasts. LHM makes RL’s dynamic gameplay even more fresh and fun to watch.

Main Features

3D Map

You always know what's going on all over the field thanks to the 3D Map. No matter which player you are watching, you know exactly where the ball and all cars are

Cameras Support

LHM Cameras allow players' webcams to be easily linked to the HUD. The audience can react to the best plays along with their favorite players

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Other Features

Observed Player Bar

Dynamic player board. Goals, Shots, Assists, Touches, Saves, Demos… We have it all!

Post-game Scoreboard

Summary of all stats of the match played

Beautiful and clean visuals

Rocket League overlays have never looked better

Case Studies

Here are results of our partnerships with some of the biggest names in esports.
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