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Counter-Strike 2 Ultra HUD

Counter-Strike 2 is a new fresh start. Ultra HUD is a comprehensive overlay to meet the needs and style that CS2 brought. The quick and easy setup of Ultra HUD will adapt to your needs and completely enhance your events. Your broadcast - just like Counter-Strike - is ready for a new era.

Counter-Strike 2 is not only about new mechanics and tactics but also a different perception of the game. Ultra HUD was created with this in mind. A completely new, unique design is complemented by smooth animations, extensive configuration and additional capabilities. Ultra HUD is all the best of Premium HUD, but way more and better.
We wanted Ultra HUD to be a great choice for everyone, regardless of preference. We added three display modes that can be dynamically changed, even while watching the game. A feature that hides dead players in the HUD builds tension even more. From now on, your sponsors can also be part of the HUD. Ready-made color palettes take into account not only basic things like player panels but also radar. Combined with features such as Scout AI and ARG, LHM with Ultra HUD enables the kind of performance and look that would normally require a full team to handle everything. As you can see, Ultra HUD is a big step forward.
Three HUD display modes to choose from
Comparisons, statistics, sponsors - everything you need in one HUD

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Order Plan

CS2 Ultra HUD is available for the Professional plan and Enterprise plan starting from 3 seats.
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