Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike has invariably been the king of FPS games for years, shaping the modern esports scene. LHM integration is already an integral part of professional tournaments and events. It defines new standards and introduces innovative features available to anyone, even non-advanced users.

Main Features

Advanced HUD Possibilities

LHM HUDs add great value to your broadcasts. Innovative features, stunning visuals, and detailed insights are just the tip of the iceberg.

Auto Cinematic Observer (CS:GO only)

LHM ACO has already gone through several iterations. We know what production needs, so we offer an optimal solution for both those who want to give all control to our advanced algorithms and those preferring full control of the action.

AR (CS:GO only)

The 3D elements seen on the map are something that is sure to impress viewers and stick in their minds.

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Other Features


Automate the process of creating replays - including automatically capturing the best moments from the game!


Quick and easy connection of player webcams to HUD

Custom Radar

Custom minimap means more details displayed

Veto History

A quick look at previous and upcoming games in Best Of

Round History

Who and how won the round displayed during the start of the round

Utility & Financial Stats

 Stay up to date on the financial status of both teams each round

Bomb Timer

A ticking bomb can also have a visual, eye-catching representation

Scoreboards, Insights and Comparisons

The more information the better - and LHM provides a lot of it

Case Studies

Here are results of our partnerships with some of the biggest names in esports.
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