Lexogrine HUD Manager

Players, Teams and Matches

Easily manage players, teams, and matches thanks to LHM data management and LHM Cloud. Create a database for every tournament you are running, assign players to teams, and teams to matches. All data is then seamlessly shown in HUDs and overlays, making the broadcast operation simple.

LHM Cloud stores all the information you need so whenever you switch the device - your data is there waiting for you. Bigger production team? Players, teams, and matches can be remotely managed between devices, so adding, editing, and removing have never been easier.

Player management allows you to define first name, last name, nickname, country, team and pictures.
Team management includes team name, short description, country and the team logo.
Matches come with score management, BO configuration, date and vetos.

Players, teams, and matches are securely stored in LHM Cloud. You and your team can access the data from every place all around the world. Tournament management was never that easy!

Lexogrine HUD Manager provides several methods of data import to make sure you can quickly create, update, and edit players' and teams’ details. Read more about how easy the data import is.

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