Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the top games in the Battle Royale genre. Such dynamic gameplay and large scale of matches require help to ensure that the viewer is always aware of what is happening on the battlefield. LHM does exactly that.

Main Features

Fullscreen & Topbar Scoreboard

At any time, viewers can see who the leader is. If you need all the details, you can turn on a fullscreen board with the results of each team

Team Details & Comparison

The more information the better! Display the statistics of the players in the squad or compare the two teams with each other

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Other Features

Observed Player & Squad Bar

Bar with player avatars and the possibility to connect the webcam of the observed player

Observed Team Bar

Panel displayed above players with information about their position in the game and the number of points they have

HUD Pop-ups

Every significant event on the battlefield has its own visual indicator


Automate the process of creating replays - including automatically capturing the best moments from the game!

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