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Rocket League

From the beginning, we wanted to build a solution to help esports focus on esports - and make sure to utilize the vast amount of existing data esports generates for viewers, players and organizers. Once we have begun successful in that area we added automation and cloud-based to the list - to make sure organizers can focus on viewers, players and teams instead of setting everything manually and worrying if everything will work.

PREMIUM HUD for Rocket League combines attractive design with irreplaceable functionality. It was created to bring even more statistics and visual representations of what is currently happening on the field. All this happens without your interaction, you just need to configure the HUD with a few clicks.
Rocket League PREMIUM HUD is fully cloud-based - which means all you have to do is to activate it directly from LHM. This includes clear player panels, enhanced current player bar, a custom 3D map, replay support and round history. Upon HUD launch, you have it all - from now you too can run a tournament and experience esports emotions, just like your audience.
More insights in a clearer and nicer look!
Whole field overview with 3D Map!

Differences in Rocket League Premium HUD for each plan

The Personal plan gets:
Standard HUD functionality
Default rocket league color palette (blue - orange)
Cameras support
Professional and Enterprise plans additionally get:
3d map
Several color palettes to choose from

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