League of Legends

LHM support for League of Legends visually supplements the whole esports experience of the game. Draft overlay contains everything any viewer needs and game overlay perfectly complements the data displayed directly in the game adding more data, information and visual variety to the entire event. From now on, any observer can match the quality of the major organizations.

Main Features

Complexive Draft Screen

Bans and character selection brings even more thrills with our gorgeous visuals. Fully ready straight away when HUD is turned on. All the most important details without compromise.

Game Scoreboard

Scoreboard with champion image, level, nickname, summoner spells, KDA, gold, and items. All the information in one place.

Dragon and Baron bars

Dragon and Baron bars with dragon type icon, timers to respawn when dead, and health bar when alive. You'll never miss an objective.

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Other Features

Custom Matchbar

Matchbar with team names, logos, dragons, barons, towers, gold and additional icons of dragons killed under the bar


MVP defined in HUD settings with champion image, player avatar, nickname, summoner spells, KDA, gold, and items

Player Movement

Heatmap on the game map with two players to choose from in HUD settings

Gold Overview

Information about the gold earned during the game (also with a variant of the gold currently held)

Player Bars

Two player bars with their nickname and avatar (with the option to connect their cameras)


Quickly configure Cameras system and connect players' webcams to the HUD. Follow their focus as they fight for dominance on the line.

Custom image bars

Custom image bars for sponsor or tournament logos

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