Dota 2

In MOBA games, even the smallest mistake can determine the entire game. LHM is aware of this and does a lot to support casters in their analysis and to keep viewers informed of what is happening on the map.

Map Objective Overview

Objectives are nowhere as important as in a MOBA game. They mostly determine the outcome of the match. LHM makes it easier to understand what both teams will be competing for at a given moment.

Bounty Rune Overview

A window displaying bounty rune acquire details - how many bounty runes the teams have collected in the last few minutes and how much bonus gold have they got during the entire match

Outpost Overview

A window displaying outpost control details - for how much time the teams have controlled them and how much bonus experience have they have received

Roshan Details

A window displaying Roshan’s status - its health or when it is going to respawn

Improved Gold Summary

The economics of a match in Dota 2 give you a lot of information about a team's situation and condition. LHM offers much more information than what you can learn from the game itself.

Gold Comparison

A breakdown of two players and their performance regarding acquired gold

Gold Pie Chart

Information about the sources of gold received by a particular player in the form of a pie chart

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Other Features


Automate the process of creating replays - including automatically capturing the best moments from the game!

Lane Performance Comparison

A board comparing two lanes (with the ability to select up to two players per team), their gold, kills, deaths, last hits

Neutral Items Overview

 A board displaying the progress of both teams in acquiring neutral items and comparing the time at which both teams completed given tiers

MVP of The Game

A screen displaying details about the most valuable player in the game, their photo, name, and statistics

Courier Tracking - Delivery

 A bar showing the distance between the courier and the hero, letting viewers track progress of item deliveries

Courier Tracking - Kill

 A popup displayed when someone kills an enemy courier, along with items that were carried by the courier at the moment of its death and their value.

Networth Indicator

 An easy way to compare networth value and its difference

Lane Movement

 A heatmap comparing movement of two players on the minimap, showing how they’re moving and whether they’re roaming

Teleporting back indicator

 A small pop-up showing up under hero avatars, displaying whether they’re teleporting and how much time will it take them

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