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Scout AI (CS2)

It's impossible to capture every action in a perfect way and from an ideal perspective - but Scout comes really close to that. Our own AI learns from thousands of games to capture the most spicy events on its own, without human input.

Game analyzed by Scout AI that automatically chooses the best POV for the action.
No human interaction included.
Scout AI is fully self-contained, meaning that you only need to turn it on to automate the work that is normally done by a team of several people. Combining Scout together with ACO AI is incredibly convenient and results in a visual experience helping your entire production team. To ensure a lag-free environment for your transmissions, all the workload is placed in LHM Cloud.
Our team plans to work on and improve Scout AI in the future, also preparing it for CS2. Every passing week, additional learning of its neural network will be done to enhance the observers' experience and make Scout AI's match awareness even better. 

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