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League of Legends

Premium HUD for League of Legends adds what is missing from the game's observer HUD and makes things even better. A huge amount of data, additional statistics and screens, beautiful visuals integrated into the game interface create a completely new and unique experience. Premium HUD for League of Legends is a quality that can be observed at the most famous events, from now on available to everyone.

The cloud-based LoL Premium HUD builds up on the base game UI and brings additional information, statistics and comparisons making it a whole new experience, both for the caster and the audience.
Our automated and streamlined setup process guarantees that your broadcast will be ready to go in just a few minutes, and almost no maintenance is required during a live game.
Information about the dragons and the baron, the objectives acquired, the gold held - all this is visible at a glance. 
The gold comparisons will tell you who is doing better and the heatmap will allow you to track pathing in the jungle and roaming from the line.
Professional and Enterprise plans additionally get several color palettes!
In order to access much more data than is available in the open League of Legends API, Premium HUD uses memory reading which may involve some risk. Read more about it

Differences in LoL Premium HUD for each plan

The Personal plan gets:
Standard HUD functionality
Default color palette
Dragon & Baron details
Two player bars
Draft HUD
Custom bars for sponsors or tournament logos
Camera support
Professional and Enterprise plans additionally get:
Mvp of the game
Lane movement
Match gold overview
Match gold overview - Versus
Current gold overview
Current gold overview - versus
Several color palettes to choose from

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