Team from Calyx asked us about designing and developing a custom HUD for their tournament - Dune Cup - Fall Edition. The Dune Cup was the Blast Premier Qualifier so we made sure to provide a premium-looking HUD and followed the color scheme provided by Calyx team.

From the beginning we knew that the color of the sand should be the base for the visual part. We received the description of the overall idea and list of the rules we should follow. Thanks to that our talented Design Team prepared a great looking design.
After the successful design round our team focused on the development of the HUD. The deadline was once again our enemy - we only had 3 days to deliver the final product - but we managed to finish it within only 2 days, making sure the Calyx team would be also instructed by our experts regarding the most efficient way to use the LHM. Thanks to that Dune Cup - Fall Edition 2021 was a great success and we are sure that the LHM will be the part of many more Calyx tournaments.
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