Fire League

We are in an ongoing partnership with FiReLEAGUE. Besides using Manager they have also been interested in our Design & Implementation services. The first version of the HUD was delivered by our design team. When the graphics were accepted, development got a green light - it was definitely Lexogrine’s best HUD in terms of complexity, readability, and usability. It combined the most valuable features CS:GO interface should possess. Besides being pleasing to the eye, it also integrated the client's color scheme, giving it a very specific “brand feel” that viewers would associate with FireLeague tournament.

Even though the design was complex in terms of the shape of the elements visible on the screen, experience with creating HUDs resulted in very quick development. Initially, it took 2 - 3 rounds of feedback, that consisted mostly of bug fixes in various corner cases or adding default elements that initially weren’t included in the design but proved to be crucial in viewer experience. HUD was successfully used for a number of FireLeague branded tournaments.
After a few months, additional changes were requested - mostly regarding easing the sharpness of the elements to be more rounded. The team also requested a few things that were criticized after the fact by higher management, which our development team handled ASAP once we got the message about critical change. Communication was very fast and each feature or bugfix was handled immediately, much to the satisfaction of the Client.
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Lexogrine created a HUD that received good feedback from the gaming community. The interface is up to standard and works as intended. The team made themselves available to resolve any issues on the design or function.
Dave Doe
Tournament Manager at fire league
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