Polish Esport League (Polska Liga Esportowa) - PLE - was searching for a new solution to support the league’s matches and events. We discussed various elements of the HUD and crucial integrations for TV transmissions and quickly prepared an architecture for a custom solution to support all the requirements.

We received the design of the HUD and our team quickly implemented it thanks to the flexibility of the LHM’s structure and in-house custom HUDs framework. One of the most important feature of the project was dedicated integration module for TV transmissions. The very first release of the LHM has been built around the idea of easy integration with external APIs and modularity which would allow us to quickly ship custom modules for different companies. This big advantage has been successfully used for this project and in the very short period of time we build a dedicated module for PLE. The module is powerful yet super easy to use.
PLE has multiple partners and they wanted to put them into the HUD. We’ve built a dedicated custom solution to show partners’ logos and banners during a variety of different events on the transmissions: beginning of the match, pause, end of the round, etc. Everything can be easily modified and it is automatically triggered by the LHM itself. From now on the production team could focus on the other tasks - because LHM took care of that part!
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