Lexogrine HUD Manager

Multiple Game Support

LHM started with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive only. Now it supports Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, League of Legends, Rocket League, Apex Legends and F1. We are constantly monitoring the market and looking for opportunities to implement trending games so you can fully dispose of their esports potential.

Automated setup and user-first interface make configuration and usage as easy as a snap of the fingers

Integrate LHM with the game with one click - that's all you need to prepare it.


Install recommended configs, to make your life easier when using LHM.


Just drag'n'drop your favourite HUD to the tab, and it will install itself in LHM.


To launch the HUD, just click on the display icon next to its name.

Connect with the game in a single step - LHM will automatically configure and receive data streams from your games.
LHM takes care of putting extra files inside game directories, so running a production-ready stream is much easier.
No need to think about connecting with LHM's API, as our HUDs do that automatically, filling in team & player information without your interaction.
Just click on the "RUN GAME" button in LHM to start.
LHM is a powerful analytical tool that gathers a lot of information and data during each match and round. This data can be easily accessed and used for multiple purposes: post-match analysis, face-to-face comparisons, match summary, esports team internal performance verification, and more!

Counter-Strike 2 integration is our jewel in the crown. LHM not only significantly simplifies the tournament setup but also offers next-generation custom features and functionalities like Scout AI and Auto Replay Generator.

Dota 2 is one of the most popular multiplayer games and it is loved by esports viewers all around the world. LHM offers in-depth integration with the game, starting from automated installation and configuration. You can easily set up players, teams, matches, tournaments and enhance your perspective on the game with our advanced HUD modules, like Custom Draft, Lane Movement, Courier Indicator, lots of comparisons or overviews and many more.

Professional League of Legends games always involve great excitement and huge momentum. LHM's LoL support makes events more interesting with features such as an advanced draft screen or additional modules that fill in unused spaces from the game interface and utilize the game's API.

One of the most exciting games can be easily set up and managed from LHM. Our integration automatically installs all the necessary software and offers easy configuration of players, teams, matches, and more!

Apex Legends is not only a great game but also an engaging esports experience. LHM enhances the competition with additional information, statistics and visual enhancements. Your audience will always be up to date with the action.

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