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Dota 2 Ultra HUD

There was no solution on the market that provided additional information, blended into the interface from the game and was accessible to everyone with a super-easy setup.
Ultra HUD for Dota 2 changed all of that.

LHM's advanced support of Dota 2 over the past several months has allowed us to improve everything we've offered so far - that's how Ultra HUD came to be.
The first and biggest upgrade you'll notice is the look of the HUD - from now on, it's both versatile and perfectly complements the layout of Dota 2 but doesn't make any visual compromises. This makes Ultra HUD the perfect solution for anyone, regardless of their own branding and expectations. It is simply an almost new part of the game.
With a huge amount of additional information, statistics and comparisons, you know and understand more about the game
Selectable color palette variants to best fit your branding and style

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Dota 2 Ultra HUD is available for the Professional plan and Enterprise plan starting from 3 seats.
Start using today by purchasing the plan or upgrading your current plan!

Need a tutorial? Read more about how to use Ultra HUD and configure it to your needs!