LHM 4.0.2 Release notes

Michal Majka

June 28, 2023

Today's update addresses crucial feedback to make sure LHM is even better!

Based on your latest feedback we release an update to address the most crucial elements.

LHM 4.0.2 Release notes:

  • Improved LHM Quick usability
  • Added option to display entire teams in Gold Pie-chart for Dota 2 Premium HUD (Professional & Enterprise)
  • Fixed camera not showing in Premium HUD CS:GO when Player had no avatar set up
  • Added option to manually disconnect / connect to Stream Deck in settings
  • Added "No, don't ask" option in Stream Deck connection modal
  • Added manual Apex API installation in the settings
  • Fixed lacking Camera URL bug when changing the workspaces
  • Fixed rounded SteamIDs on importing / exporting players with Excel spreadsheet
  • Fixed HUD disappearing / crashing issue in CSGO after first round of the second half
  • Removed old export option
  • Minor bugfixes

Make sure to download the latest version!

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