LHM 4.0.4 Release notes

Michal Majka

June 14, 2023

We've updated the LHM to significantly limit the size of the installer - now assets will be downloaded separately in the background when needed!

LHM 4.0.4 brings new fixes and improvements. We also changed how the Dota 2 assets are being stored, so from now on you don't need to update them manually in your HUD or wait for the newest LHM update - files download directly to LHM from the cloud so we are able to upload them instantly.

Release notes:

  • Dota 2 Assets are now updated separately from LHM
  • Added Quick and Addons as available permissions for Enterprise
  • Fixed CG Mode veto showing all of the teams instead of teams assigned to a given match
  • Fixed Cameras player list showing in-game label instead of username from the database
  • Minor Enterprise usability fixes

Download the latest version directly in LHM or through our website by clicking on Download button in top right corner of the screen!

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