LHM 4.11.0 Release notes

Michal Majka

May 20, 2024

LHM Premium HUD for League of Legends is back!

Vanguard has messed up big time when it comes to running esports broadcasts. We have been preparing for this circumstance for some time, and now we can present the results. We developed our own solution using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read data from the game's built-in observer HUD in order to display it on our own HUD.

In the first version, the Premium HUD will include a draft, matchbar with all information except dragon buffs (also, we added Voidgrubs) and side boxes for observed players. As you can notice, we had to carve out a considerable amount of elements for the moment, but keep in mind that this is just the beginning of development.

Among other things, we plan to bring back some elements like dragon buffs, objective timers or experimental lane movement heatmap, and add new features like bounty and potentially automatic assignment of players to specific roles to make it easier to preview them on the HUD at suitable moments. While we don't want to reveal everything because it is all in the concept and experimentation phase, OCR technology allows us to do a lot. It's also worth mentioning that thanks to this solution we are no longer dependent on external tools and the whole thing should work as long as no big changes in the game or its interface happen.

To install the new addon, update your LHM to 4.11.0, then remove the existing LoL addon and download the new version. Next, restart your LHM and you should be ready to go!

As for a full list of changes in LHM 4.11.0, here they are:

  • Added support for the new LoL OCR addon
  • Fixed a few edge cases causing auto switch to not work properly
  • Improved initial startup time

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