LHM 4.4.0 Release notes

Michal Majka

November 8, 2023

New era in broadcasting Counter-Strike 2 - Ultra HUD has come to LHM 4.4.0‍

We present to you ULTRA HUD, the answer to the new quality brought with Counter-Strike 2. Prepared dedicatedly with CS2 in mind, Ultra HUD looks insane with the new style of the game. This is a big step for us and a new quality in terms of HUD development.

Ultra HUD means more additional screens and possibilities to customize the appearance. Smooth animations, dedicated clutch view, additional insights and many more - all this will take the quality of your broadcast to the next level.

Check more about Ultra HUD: https://www.lhm.gg/features/ultra-hud/cs2


- Added Ultra HUD for Counter-Strike 2 for users with Professional or Enteprise plans with 3+ seats

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