LHM 4.5.0 Release notes

Michal Majka

November 8, 2023

Today we are expanding our community as much as possible - posibility of buying LHM plan outside of the EU is now here, alongside with many quality of life changes and improvements.

LHM was created to improve broadcasts all over the world but buying a plan without a company outside the EU has so far been difficult. As a company, we are a relatively small entity so it was a huge challenge for us but we got there in the end, so today it changes - anyone is now able to purchase (and upgrade) Personal or Professional plan, without owning a company.

Another new feature is the upgrade from Personal to Enterprise plan and the purchase of additional seats for the Enterprise plan. Previously this was only possible by contacting us, but now you can do it whenever you want on your own!

We are also expanding Cloud Storage functionality to cover HUD Settings between different devices, to provide next-level cooperation during broadcast productions.‍ From now on, all your HUDs will also be uploaded to the Cloud Storage automatically so you don't have to worry about it. This is another step in supporting you and your productions, we are committed to ensuring that LHM can be used by anyone and under any conditions.


- From now on, non-EU citizens can purchase a Personal or Professional plan without a company

- Added Launch Parameters editor for CS2

- Added option to enable automatic upload HUDs to cloud after adding it to the LHM

- Added option to enable syncing HUD Settings in Cloud

- Added option to use custom steam url instead of SteamID64 (requires Steam API Key)

- Added indicator of the current game tab in "Change Game" button

- Added short name inputs to LHM Quick

- Added toggle to activate keybinds without launching overlay

- Added toggle to activate keybinds without launching overlay

- Improved HUD loading animation during uploads / downloads

- Fixed HUD Settings not being saved between relaunches

- Fixed some of the addons not showing up

CS2 Ultra HUD:

- Added short name as an option in HUD Settings

- Fixed teams' names in the matchbar

- Fixed defuse animation not showing up in specific circumstances

- Added CT / T logo as a fallback

Dota 2 Premium HUD:

- Fixed recipes not being displayed

- Updated item prices and their images

- Fixed Team Gold Breakdown panel not being displayed in HUD Settings

Premium HUDs:

- Added option to force team logo as an avatar

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