LHM 4.5.3 Release notes

Michal Majka

November 8, 2023

Today we are bringing back one of the most fundamental LHM features for Counter-Strike - custom killfeed

‍‍Custom killfeed support for Counter-Strike was present in LHM since day one. Due to changes and incompatibilities in Source 2 engine many 3rd party tools stopped working for the time being. This includes HLAE, which was required for custom killfeed in CS:GO.

In LHM 4.5.3 we are re-enabling that support, and this time we are basing our solution on native, built-in commands and parameters of the Counter-Strike 2, which should secure stability and longevity of this feature.


- Custom Killfeed is now re-enabled for Counter-Strike 2, with no need for HLAE. For safety reasons, game will still launch with -insecure parameter
- Fixed movement of the smoke grenade on the radar in Ultra HUD
- Fixed showing players from previous matches that happened on the same server

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