LHM 4.6.0 Release notes

Michal Majka

November 20, 2023

Sit back and relax while LHM does your work for you - Scout AI is now out of beta and available in all paid plans!

After weeks of continuous testing and improving we are proud to announce that Scout AI - our AI-based observing companion - is now out of beta, and we're making it available for Personal and Enterprise (1 seat and up) plan users too.

This is definitely not the end of our journey - we have plenty of ideas to keep improving Scout AI with better predictions and completely new features - stay tuned for more information!

ARG 2.0 is now out with OBS support, updated UI and a simplified setup wizard that makes the configuration process a breeze. That's right, you can now make the best use of ARG regardless of whether you're using vMix or OBS.

Full changelog:

- Scout is out of Beta! Our AI observer is now available in all paid plans

- Added support for ARG 2.0, which introduces OBS support (Beta), improved UI and setup wizard

- Users should be now properly informed when reaching a device limit on a workspace

- Applied additional patch for incorrect CS2 GSI data resulting in wrong observer slots

- Added -noassetbrowser for custom killfeed to prevent launching distracting windows

- Fixed Launch Params not saving between launches

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