LHM 4.7.0 Release notes

Michal Majka

November 28, 2023

Ultra HUD for Dota 2, Veto views for CS2 Ultra HUD, and Scout Predict for Counter-Strike 2 - AI-based prediction algorithm for both each round and the whole match - LHM 4.7 is here!

Today we are releasing the next major release for LHM which brings multiple improvements and enhancements among new things.

We designed an all-new Ultra HUD for Dota 2 which resonates with the in-game stylistics and visuals to bring even more immersion for the viewers.

Veto view has been added to CS2 Ultra HUD to extend the possibilities of this beautiful HUD and offer breathtaking transitions between each phase of the game.

Scout AI has been extended to offer Scout Predict - AI-based predictions for each round and the whole match to add even more emotions but also data to the game. Scout Predict is in beta and our team is working very hard to improve it during each development iteration.

You can also easily add Scout Predict to your custom HUD:


Scout Predict uses the same hourly budget as Scout Vision.

We also constantly improve the Scout Vision to allow the system to predict the best POV even better - by introducing new parameters, data, and instructions. You can see the improvements on a weekly - or even daily - basis.

Full changelog:

- Scout Predict is now available for Counter-Strike 2 - AI-based prediction algorithm to give better insight for your viewers into the game.

- Added Ultra HUD for Dota 2!

- Added Veto views in Ultra HUD for Counter-Strike 2.

- Improved imports for big files.

- Fixed an error where importing files bigger than 100MB would fail.

Download the latest version directly in LHM or through our website by clicking on the Download button in the top right corner of the screen!

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