LHM 4.9.1 Release notes

Michal Majka

February 25, 2024

Fully cloud-based HUDs and increased LHM Cloud limits!

Fully cloud-based HUDs

With LHM 4.9.1, all HUDs are now fully cloud-based. When you start the new version for the first time, you'll be asked to upload your existing HUDs to LHM Cloud.

After this one-time process, you'll see a magnitude of improvements regarding HUD management, including:

  • Instant access to all of your HUDs on any machine
  • Seamless synchronization of HUDs
  • No need to update LHM in order to use the latest versions of built-in HUDs
  • Reduced installation and update sizes (almost 4x lighter!)

Increased LHM Cloud limits

We know that cloud-based HUDs will take up some of your LHM Cloud quota, so we're increasing LHM Cloud limits for all users!

  • Free Plan: 0 → 25 MB (for HUDs only)
  • Personal Plan: 100 MB → 250 MB
  • Professional Plan: 1 GB → 2 GB
  • Enterprise Plan: 1 GB → 2 GB

Additional fixes and QoL changes

  • Variants of HUDs are now displayed and served correctly
  • Dev mode HUD settings are now saved and sent correctly
  • HUD list now correctly updates when launching or exiting a dev mode HUD
  • Improved HUD list reloading when logging out and back in
  • Coach players aren't displayed in HUDs anymore

As always, you can download the new update from LHM app itself, or use the Download button in the top right corner of the page.

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