LHM 4.9.2 Release notes

Michal Majka

February 25, 2024

Multiple HUD-related bug fixes

LHM 4.9.2 is now live. This is just a small bug fix release based on your feedback - huge thanks to our Discord community for bringing those problems to our attention!

Here's a full list of changes introduced in LHM 4.9.2:

  • Fixed a rare case of HUDs being stuck loading infinitely
  • Fixed a communication issue between HUD Settings and the HUD for CS:GO HUDs working in CS2 mode
  • Fixed a crash happening in signed CS:GO HUDs working in CS2 mode
  • Fixed a case where teams switched sides if a player was disconnected from the server in CS2
  • Coaches should no longer be visible in CS2 HUDs

As always, you can download the latest update straight from the LHM app, or by using the Download button in the top right corner of this page.

And remember - if you encounter any problems that you'd like to see fixed - feel free to join our Discord server, everyone is welcome!

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