LHM 4 Release!

Michal Majka

May 16, 2023

Today we are proudly releasing LHM 4. This is our most significant release to date and words cannot describe how much we’ve been looking forward to shipping it. The work has been conducted for the last couple of months and before today we also released a completely new backend codebase.

The all-new architecture

Since its first release, LHM changed a lot. We’ve been adding new games, new functionalities, and new integrations. Nowadays thousands of people and companies are using LHM on a daily basis for their work, projects, and events. We feel very responsible for that and that’s why the very first step for the new release was the complete recreation of the backend to make it more efficient, scalable, and reliable. This also opens the possibility to grow LHM further with even bigger ideas and goals - something that definitely wasn’t possible in 2020 or even a couple of months ago.

So - LHM 4.

New game: Apex Legends

Battle Royale for the last couple of years has been one of the most popular types of games - and Apex Legends is one of the most popular titles and esports in that genre. Once we’ve made sure that the API is available we created an integration. Please note that this is still a beta since Apex Legends operates in a different scheme than other games which we support - so we need some additional feedback loops from you to make it perfect. And yes - the ARG for Apex Legends will be soon released. We know how much you love that feature and we are working super hard to make it available in every game we support.

Read more about Apex Legends here: https://www.lhm.gg/features/multiple-game-support/apex-legends

You can also order a custom HUD for Apex Legends here: https://www.lhm.gg/custom-hud-implementation/apex-legends

Dota 2 Integration 2.0

LHM 4 also brings the all-new Dota 2 integration. Our team created dedicated scripts to carefully investigate Dota 2 APIs and datasets. Thanks to that we’ve been able to integrate a lot of new features including Bounty Rune Overview, Outpost Overview, Roshan Details, Improved Gold Summary, Lane Performance Comparison, Neutral Items Overview, Courier Tracking - Delivery, and many more!

Oh, I almost forgot: ARG is now available for Dota 2. I’m sure you will make a good use of it.

You can read more about our all-new Dota 2 integration here: https://www.lhm.gg/features/multiple-game-support/dota2

We’ve also designed and developed Premium HUD for Dota 2 - read more here: https://www.lhm.gg/features/premium-hud/dota-2

Need a custom HUD? Order it here: https://www.lhm.gg/custom-hud-implementation/dota-2

ACO 2.0

ACO revolutionized the observer camera movement and automatization. But creating campaths is not an easy task. Having both in-game knowledge and skills to create 3rd person aerial views is something only a few people can do. LHM 4 tries to close that gap.

With ACO 2.0 you don't need any setup, no configs, no HLAE, and you don't even have to start CS:GO with -insecure. Just toggling ACO and then 2.0 mode will activate The Director - module, which will try to catch all important events completely on its own.

And that's not the end of it - we plan on improving ACO 2.0 so much, that it will be the preferable way to watch any CS:GO action.

If you are tired of binding every single campath command to a key or have a problem keeping all of your configs filed synchronised, you should take a closer look at Manual ACO - you can take phone or tablet with you, and play your pre-defined campaths remotely by just clicking on radar areas. No keybinds - just visual player.


Since LHM 1.0 HUDs were the only place, where user-written code could run with access to game data provider, which limited creators to browser-like environments.

It ends now.

Starting with 4.0, LHM now allows for creating addons - server-side NodeJS scripts, that are automatically provided with real-time game information. No need for creating custom server just to receive data from the game, you've got all that out of the box. Browser limitations are no more - you can create custom integrations, send HTTP requests, MIDI signals, communicate with ATEM, any other hardware or 3rd party API you wish.

Addons mark a new era for LHM. This will allow you to significantly extend what LHM can offer and customize LHM for your needs.


LHM Veto automates the map picks and bans process. Our new dedicated tool streamlines communication between teams and production introduces a new quality for broadcasts, and opens paths to new opportunities to spice up your event.

We prepared a dedicated website for LHM Veto: https://veto.lhm.gg/

All you need to do is log in with your LHM account and you are ready to go!

LHM Quick

We respond to the needs of new users and those who need the fastest possible configuration with the least amount of effort. LHM Quick is an option that guides you step by step through the entire configuration of teams, players, and HUD.

Stream Deck and other new integrations

From now on the Stream Deck can be easily integrated with LHM - it will automatically detect the device and will offer to establish a connection. This integration is available for Professional and Enterprise plans.

We also introduced several other integrations and enhancements - like a camera mixer for vMix, a key binds manager for LHM, and more!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

For the LHM 4, we have completely rewritten the whole backend code base, reoptimized the infrastructure, improved scalability and efficiency, tweaked the whole UI, and many many more!

This release marks the new era in LHM and we cannot wait until we will be able to share with you our next steps - including new integrations!

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