I logged out of the Manager on one PC but can’t log in to the other one (machines limit reached)

Each plan has its own device lock restrictions. There is no way to skip it. The device lock time is counted since last login. For all plans' details click here.

Why does the Free version have the watermark? How can I remove it?

We have included a watermark because we do not require any payment for Free plan users. To remove the watermark you need to purchase one of the paid plans. See pricing.

Is Lexogrine HUD Manager free? Can I get a trial version to test all the features of the tool?

The Free version of Lexogrine HUD Manager will allow you to get fully familiar with the tool and most of its features with no time limit, free of cost.

Why is Lexogrine HUD Manager paid for commercial usage?

We use the funds to develop Lexogrine HUD Manager. We think it's fair to pay for a service that also makes you a profit.

Dragging HUD to the Lexogrine HUD Manager doesn’t work.

If dragging does not work make sure you are dragging the compiled HUD (usually named, and not the source code (named or

Do you implement / design HUDs?

Yes, we offer design and implementation of the HUDs. If you are interested or have questions please contact

What is the difference between the Free and a Paid plans?

The differences between Free and Paid plans are the watermark, device lock limit, the possibility to use LHM for commercial purposes. The Professional plan also offers additional functionalities: Cloud Storage and Auto Cinematic Observer.