Lexogrine HUD Manager

Augmented Reality (CS:GO)

Support for AR-powered HUDs will spice up your streams with custom 3D models rendered right in the game. Display a 3D scoreboard or a sponsored billboard seamlessly - just as if it was a part of the map.

Augmented Reality is the next step to redefine the esports experience. LHM offers almost unlimited possibilities for AR - from 3D scoreboards to top-notch sponsors’ logos. Everything is simply managed from the LHM and you can easily configure keyboard shortcuts to determine when the AR modules should be displayed!
The true power of LHM is the level of customization and how well each functionality works with every other. Augmented Reality can be configured with Auto Cinematic Observer and Scout AI - offering the next-level experience for viewers with outstanding visuals and breathtaking cam paths!

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