LHM 4.12.0 Release notes

Michal Majka

May 21, 2024

LHM Scout AI 2.0 is out now and performing 50% better - try for 3 days with unlimited time budget

Since the release of Scout AI, we have gradually improved its accuracy and performance but only now can we speak of a real evolution. We promised, we deliver - and we have something special for you, but more on that later.

We're excited to introduce you to Scout AI 2.0 - a new phase and a revolution for the whole CS2 esports scene. Our dataset has been expanded with hundreds more demos and the neural network has been tweaked to work even more efficiently. In our internal tests, Scout AI 2.0 achieved up to 50% better results at following the events on the map and predicting the round outcomes. We have no doubt that after this update, Scout AI is already an advanced enough companion which, combined with the rest of the features, can fully observe the match for you.

New module - Scout Cinematic

In addition, we have brought back the Auto Cinematic Observer (ACO) which you will now know as Scout Cinematic. Alongside the new name comes a completely automated setup and more impressive campaths so that everyone can match the quality of the Counter-Strike scene pioneers. Yes, it's all just a click away with no external tools needed.

Even simpler setup, better UI

Scout AI got a revamped tab that favors readable management of spectating. We added descriptions that will help new users to work with the whole system… Although, is there anything simpler than three switches for such an advanced companion? ;)

As much Scout AI assistance as you need

In case Scout’s base usage limits adapted to the plans are insufficient for you, we have added the possibility to buy additional hourly bundles assigned to your account. 

The bundles are available in two variants - 20 hours and 120 hours, with unlimited purchase of both.

Scout AI 2.0 - Faster. Smarter. Prettier.

To sum up, the slogan of this release is not just empty words. Scout Vision catches every action in the game faster and more accurately, Scout Predict more efficiently analyzes the game and presents its conclusions, and the restored ACO in the form of Scout Cinematic and the new UI tabs are elements that please the eye - both the viewer's and yours.

Scout AI 2.0 is now available and every paid plan owner can test it without losing its time budget for the next 3 days! Update your LHM app to begin with the new era for your broadcasts.

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